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Out of the Box

30 Mar

Out of the Box

Have you ever received instruction from the Holy Spirit to do something that is a bit unusual? Even seemingly crazy?  God’s ways and thoughts are truly higher than ours!

Today’s guest Vicki Finney, co-owner and Director of Marketplace ROCK knows this intimately.  Vicki’s passion is to see the power of prayer alive and active in the marketplace; transforming businesses, people, and situations for God’s glory.

If you’ve ever been given an unusual assignment for the marketplace, you’ll appreciate her story.  If you haven’t been given an unusual assignment, listen in closely because when you’re Kingdom driven, it’s inevitable. God’s plans are never confined to our boxes!

Episode Length: 35 minutes


Living Beyond Need

27 Mar

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Source: Living Beyond Need

Living Beyond Need

26 Mar

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25 Mar

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22 Mar

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22 Mar

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21 Mar