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19 Dec

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19 Dec

Don’t forget your WHY

17 Jul

Dave Schmittou "It's Like Riding a Bike: How to Make Learning Last a Lifetime"

I love my job. No truly, I do. I hate so many of the tasks that go along with it, the audits, the paperwork, the e-mails, but I truly love my job. Why?…because of my why. The reasons I got into this profession in the first place. My job is to change lives. My job is to create hope. My job is to make our world better.


Yeah, I know, in today’s world, educators are seen as pie in the sky when they talk like this. Our jobs are supposed to be rooted in teaching content. We are supposed to be well versed in crafting assessments and creating collaborative structures. We are supposed to be experts in PLCs, RTI, MTSS, IEPs, NGSS, NCLB, and hundreds of other acronyms. I mean, I even wrote a book about all of this stuff…(You can actually buy it here…wink wink)

We are scrutinized…

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Don’t forget your WHY

17 Jul

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28 May

A good read!

Carlene Wright

QoR8Bv1S2SEqH6UcSJCA_TeaGood morning to you all. As I sat at the table early this morning, sipping on some ginger tea and eating a banana (no cookies…sigh), I came across this article from MSN (yes they’re still around). It talked of 11 ways to end a marriage affair (if you are the other party involved/side piece/etc.).

It made me think about how often do we married and singles engage in the thought of or action of an affair. Affairs are extremely dangerous. Even emotional affairs. It’s a thought turned action, in most cases,  from the place of hurt and rejection. Most cases, greed.

However you’ve found or you find yourself in this predicament, you must find yourself out…quickly. Affairs last as long as you allow it to. The deeper it goes, the more emotion goes into it. The very thought of waiting for a person to make time for you will drive…

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Trust God’s Timing: Real Time Faith Part 3 – SoundCloud

4 May

Listen to Trust God’s Timing: Real Time Faith Part 3 by Presence Gathering Church #np on #SoundCloud

My new book is coming! He Died For That Too – Overcoming Sexual Impurity!

30 Apr

As a child, Patrica went to church with her mother, where she gladly served; singing in the choir, attending Bible Study, and learning how to exercise and walk in her faith.

However, she soon discovered that whenever she encountered worldly influences, the one thing she had not acquired in all of that time, was a personal relationship with the God she served.

She knew about religion and doctrine, but not how to intimately walk with Him.

Rather than experiencing the freedom and strength that comes with victory in Christ that she read about, instead she found herself imprisoned by her choices, emotions, and hormones; therefore, wounded, disillusioned, and angry, she went on a quest to seek therapy to overcome this major challenge in her life.

In He Died For That too…Overcoming Sexual Impurity, Patrica shares the struggle, the dysfunction, and the sin that comes along with a life that is touched by sexual impurity, and the knowledge that God sent His Son Jesus, to die for our sins and set us free just like He died for other sins so that we may be whole this one is no different.
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