Pray For Leaders Everywhere Including YOU!

13 Feb

Kingdom People we need to pray for leaders everywhere….YOU  are not excluding from being sifted as wheat — we must see leaders for who they are…they are in need of our prayers always…don’t put your leaders on pedestals its okay to celebrate them but be careful how you set them up as we pray for ourselves we must pray for them …. because in their private life they are  fighting demons just like you and me…some of their own choosing but never the less….these men and women have souls…that need saving continuously…sometimes we get complacent in our spiritual overcoming — but we must watch how we conduct ourselves because the Jesus they preach about should be the Jesus that even reaches them when sins grabs a hold on them…leaders aren’t excuse from the Hit man — Satan and his henchmen…we must continuously pray and follow our Leaders as they follow Christ…this should be a time that the Kingdom of God pray for their leaders and themselves like never before….my ministry —Turning Your Wounds Into Wisdom & CoverUpMinistry honors the works leaders have done… — only a few people know how it is to have to deal with struggles as a leader alone — like management it is lonely at the top…who do you trust…yes they (we) have God…but who is the Pastor — pastor…What arm of flesh do they get to rush to and get their healing from?…its not our place to judge but it is always our place to PRAY….the lifestyle of the person display who they really are…so it is our place the Kingdom People to pray and uplift all leaders everywhere…because just like Jesus said unto Peter….the devil desires to sift us…so it is imperative that we PRAY for leaders everywhere in every capacity first starting in our homes, schools, communities, districts, in our state, when I say everywhere I mean just that…my heart goes out to leaders….it is lonely at the top because people think that we have arrived but that is not true…it is only by the grace of God that I yet stand or type right now….Kingdom People everywhere be blessed…and if you are not praying you need to be….




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