How To Turn Your Messy Life Into A Message of Life”

4 Feb
“How To Turn Your Messy Life into a Message of Life”
It happens by process…one does not just arrives!
This might not be for you now but there was a time when you did not have it all together, and honestly we don’t have it ALL together now. Touch the top of your head — you don’t have it yet — your crown of Life!
You have to go through life to life eternal in order to get it.
In order to get our – crown of Life – we must be truthful to ourselves and those around us that we are not perfect but through Jesus Christ we learn to walk perfect in and through His love and through His grace.
Right where you at in life — God can use you! First Admit, that I need your help, and then commit to His ways by first communing with Him, you don’t have to be all deep and wait to get a license or position, in order to commune with Him. Just develop a relationship with Him that is what is important first.
Daniel 10:19…. go to —- it basically says — that God will give you strength or energy to go through the process….no one just arrives…there is cost that must be paid…for the annointing on your life and the assignment on your life.
I have been going some things in my life and I had allow the opinions of man almost count me out as being who I am in Him.
What I do is unique…and my ministry is based on the mess I have been through…so basically it is not popular…because in order to see results in the ministry that I have been afforded by Jesus…I must be transparent….and transparency is not always pleasant but in order for deliverance I must go there. But I must be led of the Holy Spirit….revelation of my mess to the wrong person at the wrong time will not be an effective message it will just be a mess.
Whatever happens to us is not wasted…whatever choices we make we can turn it around for a teaching…no test no testimony….
We must learn to turn our Wounds into Wisdom….if we want to see miracles we need to be a miracle to some one…and not trying to be wonder but carrying out the Great Commission.
We need to let God have full reign in our life and in the life of others…
We must cast down the spirit of control that many people be operating in…
There is only two control (points)…that I allow to control me…God control and my self control…and in that I must give myself over to that control. I am presently breaking the other control in my life that is vexing me.
We get deliverance on the very onset of us being honest to ourself…I can impress everybody else with my eloquent words but if my actions and my inner man don’t match up…I am a joker to my own self….being the savior of others….and my own life is jacked up….that is noise….and your life will remain just a mess…but if you are actually trying to make strides to turn your messy life into a message of Life…it will be evident…it will show up in your speech…those who are anointed will perceived what is holy and what is not.
When I starting working in my area of influence…my gift my room for me…I don’t have to ask for speaking engagements. I go right to the INTERNET and speak to a world that needs some encouragement and deliverance.
And the assignments come to me…no I am not ready or will I be going some where because I have this ministry…at the right time…God will have me to demonstrate and share with you…but right now is not time…nor the place.
Presently I have be ask to be a special guest on A Rose Is Still A Rose-A 12 week journey to Reclaiming, Rebuilding and Restructuring our lives after dealing with sexual molestation, promiscuity, addiction and the lies of sex. Its a teleconference….
Pleas join us starting Monday, February 4, 2013 at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST/ 5pm PST. 218 548 0811 access # 359951
In January, I was part of a panel discussion on another program…and the speaker mentioned, not I, that because I share my story the way I do…she felt the need to air what I share…and we have others….who have been hurt in this area of abuse whether it was imposed by someone or by our self — which I call it self-inflicted abuse. Most of our mess come from our wrong choices — I am not talking about those who forced into situations.
My gift made room for me…if I waited to be totally deliver from my mess…I would not have had a message for you today to share.
How did it start….I was in an INTERNET group that ask us if we had a testimony to share it in a book collaboration, I did and my chapter was titled “Jesus Died for that Too! – Sexual Impurity…and I am presently part of another book project…and my chapter is Grace…that I am presently working on with my group. I am not seeing the financial rewards of this yet. But the eternal rewards of being obedient even though it is not popular is sweet…I am put of group that meet weekly or as many times as you need to meet but my transportation is operational right now but like I said God makes a way so I get to meet with ladies and (some men) because that was my desire to meet with women to discuss this testimony…about mess as a message of inner healing.
But it is all because of where I am planted at, and who I serve with, that I am able to walk tall…all glory and honor goes to God.
God can turn your messy life into a message of Life by Turning Your Wounds Into Wisdom…which is what my ministry is affectionately name….
I hope that I had encourage you and I will ask you to continually keep me lift up in prayer as I do His will.

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